barbacoa boise restaurant main building

arbacoa is more than a restaurant. Designed by Thompson Interiors, it's a museum, an art gallery, and a promise to all of your senses that they will be touched and stimulated.

BARBACOA. The name itself sounds like a celebration. Barbacoa's open-fire grilling process and culinary delights are a tribute to the ranchers and cowboys of the Pacific Northwest.

Barbacoa whimsically and artfully presents the comfort of the campfire in a theatre-like manner. As you sit to the table, a chocolate-colored bandana is rolled around silver of old Spain, a bone-handled steak knife is knotted in the whey and mini cast-iron skillets corner the tables. Under the glow of the hand-blown "Fire Light" chandelier by local artist Filip Vogelpohl the show begins in this art gallery/museum/dining room.